Tightening the buckles on your ski boots and overlooking the valleys, forests and glittering rocky slopes of an ice kingdom, you can feel the chilling wind in your spine and the excitement rises. The helicopter will drop you off at the very top of the mountain and white untouched beauty will appear in front of you. Adrenaline starts releasing into your blood. As soon as you put on your skis, you will feel absolute freedom. You are going down the deserted slopes, you are choosing your own route, and only the wind, a bunch of your friends and very experienced leader will keep your company. Endless adventure and excitement - this is heliskiing in Canada - the most famous destination for any enthusiast of this sport.

Escape to your own private lodge with a helicopter available at your beck-and-call. Available are exclusive trips for groups up to 10 people with 2 guides.


Delta Banff Royal Canadian Lodge 4*

In this hotel, in the charming town of Banff, Alberta, you will be surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains. The hotel is situated in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a strategic location for lovers of heliskiing and other activities. Breathtaking skiing and hiking trails, white water rafting and relaxing natural hot springs are just a short walk from the hotel. After a busy day, guests can enjoy the hot tub, indoor pool and other wellness services


Currency Canadian dollar (CAD)
Capital city Victoria
Official language English and French
Flight time 11-14 hours
Time zone -9 -6 hours